Thermoforming / Airplanes

1 - Business Jet Air Intake

Air intake for a business jet, pressure-shaped with integrated upper punch and pressing device, CNC-milled, primed on both sides, ready for installation.

2 - Seat Cover (Condor Fast)

Back covering for an aircraft seat made of carbon. Thermoformed and CNC-milled, for snapping onto the seat with a precise fit. Included the complete assembly of the table with screen printing.

3 - Window-Shade Assy

Window shutter assembly for a turboprop business aircraft. Consisting of a thermoformed part, various milled and injection moulded parts, roller shutters made of fabric, as well as the seal to the hull window. The parts are assembled into a ready-to-install assembly.

4 - Heater Outlet

Outlet of the EL heater of a business jet. Twin-sheet shaped, CNC-milled and equipped with a milled part.

5 - Pelmet

Cover for an airplane galley. Thermoformed, CNC machined and built on a metal structure. Painted in multiple colors and equipped with various attachments as a complete assembly.

6 - Toilet Ring

Thermoformed from an antibacterial thermoplastic, CNC-milled, completed with additional parts to form a ready-to-install assembly.

7 - Air Outlet Cockpit

Air outlet for a business jet, twin-sheet shaped with 14 fins integrated during the forming process. Completed with composite components (not visible in the picture) to form a ready-to-install assembly.

8 - Instrument Panel Covering

Instrument panel covering for a turboprop aircraft. Thermoformed and CNC-milled, equipped with additional parts, painted ready for installation.

9 - Shuttering for Landing Lights

Highly transparent shuttering for the landing lights of a turboprop aircraft. Thermoformed and CNC milled.

10 - Twin-Sheet Air Duct

Air-Duct for a business jet, twin-sheet shaped and assembly of several parts. With integrated breakpoints for easy installation in the aircraft. Tested for tightness and pressure.

11 - Protective Cover

Protective cover for the fuselage openings of a business jet. Thermoformed and CNC-milled, including fastening material and pressure, complete assembly.