Thermoforming / Medical

1 - Protective cover of a medical device

Multi-part protective cover of an analysis device. Thermoformed and warm bent, edges polished.

2 - Cladding for operating table

Hot-moulded part made of flame-retardant ABS, CNC-milled, assembled with various additional parts to form an assembly and painted ready for installation.

3 - X-Ray Tube Cover

Cover for the X-ray tube of an X-ray machine. Positive thermoformed and CNC-milled, painted in device colour.

4 - Front Cladding for an X-Ray Machine

Cladding for an X-ray machine. Negatively thermoformed from an X-ray permeable thermoplastic and CNC-milled, equipped with additional parts. Lacquered in two colors and multi-colored screen printed.

5 - Infant / Baby Bed

One-piece made from Pet-G thermoformed and CNC machined.

6 - Drawers for an Ambulance Jet

Drawer for use in an ambulance jet, thermoformed in several parts, equipped with additional parts installed as an assembly.

7 - Cover Heating Lamp Baby Bed

Thermoformed from flame-retardant ABS, CNC-milled and wet-painted ready for installation.

8 - Bracer Orthopedic Aid

Thermoformed from a body-compatible thermoplastic, CNC machined.