Thermoforming / Technical

1 - Shoplifting System

Complete procurement of the individual parts and manufacture of the shoplifting system (consisting of various metal and injection moulded parts, thermoformed parts, cables, electronics etc.). Electronic final inspection and worldwide export to end customers.

2 - Cuttlery Insert / Transport Inserts

Cutlery inserts for kitchen and transport inserts for the transport of small parts from industry or implants. Thermoformed from various thermoplastics - adapted to the application areas.

3 - Free wheel stand as holder for lottery tickets

Multi-part thermoformed from PMMA-XT and CNC machined, mounted into a complete assembly and packaged in individual boxes.

4 - Escape Signal

Formwork for escape signals in tunnels. Thermoformed from Pet-G transparent, partially sandblasted with individual pictograms. The escape signals are designed so that they can be cleaned mechanically during operation.

5 - Lamp Cover

Lamp cover for a design lamp. Twin-sheet formed, CNC-milled from ABS-nature.