Thermoforming / Vehicles

1 - Formwork Cleaning Vehicle

Interior and exterior formwork parts for a street cleaning vehicle. Thermoformed parts UV-resistant and coloured in the desired colour. Equipped with additional parts and delivered as ready-to-install modules.

2 - Wheel Housing

Wheel housing of a line bus. Thermoformed and CNC milled, ready for installation. Replaces a multi-part metal part.

3- Ceiling Cladding

The ceiling cladding of a city bus with two integrated ventilation channels. Multi-part thermoformed and CNC-milled, assembled from 15 individual parts to form a ready-to-install assembly.

4 - Rear Light Cladding

Rear light cladding on a public bus. Thermoformed from a heat-resistant thermoplastic with two undercuts (without loose parts), CNC-milled, equipped with mounting plates for the lights.

5 - Ventilation Parts

Ventilation parts for the automotive sector. From different materials (in the area of research and development). Twin sheet formed and CNC milled. In this case from a very light, flame-retardant PE foam.